09 outubro 2016

The President of Brazil after the coup, Michel Temer, is actually a factor of legal uncertainty

Paulo Metri - Advisor of the Brazilian Society of Engineers (Clube de Engenharia)

The immoral aggression of capital to Brazil's young democracy in recent months, taking advantage of deplorable political figures, makes many conscious Brazilians be depressed. However the human lucidity certainly will come.

The worst members of our Congress staged a coup. They were elected due to a media that controls all information. These politicians played theatrical roles in order to kick out Dilma from the Presidency. Lula and Dilma brought a better life to millions of people in the 13 years that they ruled. To be exact, Lula brought 36 million of starving people to a level still low but where they are no longer hungry.

Many of the Brazilian congressmen that judged Dilma’s administration had some particular interest to condemn her. However, the offside of Dilma was consummated since even the judges were corrupted. Once again, media showed a fair judgment that did not happen. The Brazilian democracy was maculated. Temer, as soon as he was appointed President, started to implement his neoliberal plan, which did not win in the last election of 2014.

As the time advances, justice and democracy may win for despair of capital. It is difficult to explain for a developed country citizen that in Brazil the capital exploitation of the population is immense. When rationality arrives, many of the evil deeds of Temer will be reversed. Unfortunately, some decisions cannot be reversed. Damage promoted cannot be all reversed. For example, some persons will live less years because the budget cuts decided by Temer will mean less money for public health care and worst salaries. Examples of countries that leonine contracts of foreign companies were torn are numerous. All contracts of foreign oil companies in the Middle East at the time of their oil nationalization were disrupted.

Statoil, a state enterprise of the Norwegian government, acquired a participation in the Carcará oil field, owned by Petrobras, for a price at least four times cheaper than the normal price. It is hard to understand what happened. I do not believe that Statoil paid a corruption fee, without any annotation in the books. Has Statoil received this offer from the new board of Petrobras, whose members did not know the value of the oil field?

At this exact moment, international investors are really interested in the infrastructure sale for a cheap price that Temer is promoting. This is a usurpation of belongings of other people. In the future, they may lose what they believe to be their property and may have to compensate damage caused to Brazilian heritage. The foreign investors know that they are buying all very cheap for today prices. It does not matter if the vendors had said that it was a perfect juridical act. What are imperfect are the Brazilian representatives, since they are illegitimate representatives of the Brazilian people. For that reason, it is an imperfect act of sovereignty. At this moment, the country is dominated by external and internal capital forces. The transactions that are being carried out now by Brazilian government are, at least, suspicious. The Brazilian government official may be corrupt and the foreign companies that sealed the transactions may be corruptors.

For example, today, Statoil and its owner, the Norwegian government, must know that they are accomplices and beneficiaries of Carcará theft. Acquire each barrel of oil for the price of a bottle of mineral water is obviously the stolen product purchase. Do not come to argue, in the future, that it was a transaction signed by Petrobras and Statoil and that follows the international laws. Any contract signed in the Temer misrule period is likely to be revised. Centuries ago, in the time of colonies exploited by European countries, this happened. Nevertheless, Norway had not a colony in the New World, or in Africa, and now wants to get one? This does not fit well into the feeling of the Norwegian people.

As time goes by, the population will be other and all that is happening today in Brazil will be understood as unthinkable antidemocratic attitudes. Lies of the politicians, selective persecution of the Federal Police, prosecutors, parliamentarians, judges and the media shall be put aside. At this time, the truth will prevail and harmful contracts to the Brazilian people will be torn. Foreign courts may be activated to support the decision of indemnity for Brazil. The nationalization of all foreign assets acquired using very small prices will be done with redemption prices related to what was paid in the past.

Brazil, rich in mineral resources, discovered a huge oil deposit in 2006, the Pre-Salt. This deposit may have around 170 billion of oil barrels. This is about one tenth of today’s world reserves. All developed country want to consume this oil at a low price and, if its own oil enterprise gets a contract of exploration for a low price, the supply of oil in long term of the foreign country will be solved. About this subject, the Brazilian president who refused to give this oil almost free suffered a political coup and was withdrawal from the Presidency. The substitute president, after the coup, started to give at low price the Brazilian oil, as it was the case of Carcará.

Finally, I say to all usurpers who are planning to assault the Brazilian riches not to take advantage of the moment of confusion in our society. Because, when the society wakes up, all contracts signed in the Temer period, as a principle, will be treated as an illegitimate contract. And if it is really contrary to the national interest, it will be torn. Temer does not represent the Brazilian people, despite all the help of the corrupted media. He is actually a fator of legal uncertainty for contracts signed in Brazil.